“A project in which I support & believe in whole heartedly to give it my name:
in fact, Ocram stands for Marco, my name, written in reverse order.”
ODM is Marco, his research in the area of dance and of the expressive skills of the body through the movement.
ODM is a storage of IDEAS with the aim of telling ,through dance, another reality, with experimental choreography
as a different and alternative mechanism of storytelling.


In 2013 ODM on stage with the creation “Ognuno al Suo Posto” at Gala Capannine Dance Competition.
In 2013 produce video edited by Giuseppe Cardaci.
In 2014 on stage at Metropolitan Theater, Catania.
In 2015 ODM presents the new choreographic production ‘Speechless’.
In 2015 ODM are guests at MID Mediterranean International Dance with “Sai di Salvia”.
In 2016 “FAUVE” on stage at many gala in Sicily and Calabria.
In 2016 ODM presents the new choreographic production, short version, “Divina”.
ODM are guests at major national galas.

Ognuno al suo posto
Area viziata
Sai di Salvia